Pool Sanitizer System

Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free Pool Filtration System

Aqua Excellence Pool Sanitizer

A Safer Pool Filtration System

Sanitize and de-chlorinate your swimming pool with an all-natural, low maintenance Aqua Excellence pool system. This pool water sanitizer and de-chlorinator easily attaches to your existing pool system and uses safe NSF certified materials to effectively sanitize the pool water. With the Aqua Excellence system, you can enjoy swimming in chlorine-free and salt-free pool water. Finally, a safe filtration system for the family and for the environment!


  • No harmful chemicals! Uses natural media, rather than harmful chemicals and toxins. While running, the water just flows through the system where 99.999% bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold, and mildew are killed on contact away from the swimming area.
  • Keeps swim area chlorine free by breaking down chlorine, also eliminating faded swimwear and hair color changes due to chlorine bleaching. The Aqua Excellence pool sanitation system is the answer for those allergic to chlorine.
  • No chlorine odors or harmful fumes which makes it a great solution, especially for indoor pool owners.
  • Prevents scaling by breaking down calcium.
  • Helps maintain PH-levels in your pool.
  • Requires no refilling, ongoing maintenance, or independent power.
  • Equipment that won’t fail, break, or wear out. No electronic parts that fail, and no moving parts that break or wear out.
  • Stain free. Doesn’t stain the walls or bottom of the pool.

How the Aqua Excellence Pool Sanitizer Works (PDF)

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