At Land O’Lakes Water Treatment, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and quality water treatment solutions. We would like to share a few Land O’Lakes Water Treatment customer satisfaction testimonials on our water treatment systems and services.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to helping you when you need Land O’Lakes Water Treatment for your water treatment needs.

Land O’Lakes Water Treatment Customer Reviews

Admittedly, I am a tough customer. Being a woman, I am often on the defensive with a high expectation of being treated equitably. I am fairly savvy around the house and have a lot of “do it yourself” knowledge. From the start, Jeff was open, honest and not trying to “sell me something”. He provided options for our older water system and costs so that I could weigh out the options on my own. After servicing my system for some time, it became apparent that the only way to resolve my “greying” water was to update my system. I have well water with lots of tannins from living near a lake. I was tired of turning on the faucet in horror or seeing my kids bathe in water that just didn’t look clean. Not to mention, what it was likely doing to my appliances. I called Jeff to discuss my options, we decided to go with a new peroxide system. Had I known what I know now, I wouldn’t have spent any money to keep my old system, limping along! If city like water is what you expect and live with a well, this is what you need! It takes up less space, the new pump is quieter and all we have to do is dump in salt every few weeks… no more chlorine stains…We have had the system for almost half a year and still have plenty of peroxide in the larger holding tank.

I am no longer worried about my kids bathing in our water and no longer worried about guests seeing grey water in our sink or toilets. Jeff has always called me back promptly and worked with me on my payment options. I highly recommend them for all of your water needs.

-Tara E., Lutz, FL

I can’t tell you how pleased my wife and I are since changing our system over from chlorine to a peroxide system. You told me how great you thought it was however, due to the cost I had to really give it a lot of thought. We have been living in Lutz now 27 years and the water has always been hard to treat without the chlorine eating away at your water system. It is a constant battle getting the chlorine water tank mixture right. The contact tank needs to be drained on a regular basis to get the sludge out. After all that, the water wasn’t half as good as it is now. Gone are those work on water days, now we just sit back and enjoy great water all the time. Your team did a great job with the installation and it went quicker than I expected. Please feel free to share my comments with your clients. Great Water Now! Happy Customers.

-Ted and Mary, Lutz, FL

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